What is “Phenomena Paints” ?

Phenomena Paints is specially formulated furniture paint for you, your family and the environment’s safety in mind. Made of only the highest quality ingredients and is Low VOC’s. All this with the incredible coverage that usually only takes one to two coats! It is easy to apply, chalky smooth finish with excellent hide and durability.

It will work on any type of wood surface, even over painted surfaces. As long as you remove any grease or wax and wipe down the surface, Phenomena Paint will go on flawlessly giving you a beautiful finished look!

Superior coverage – Usually 1 to 2 coats! (No sanding or priming required)

Non-toxic, Safe to use indoors

Specifically designed for furniture and cabinets

Silky smooth finish. Great for shabby chic, vintage or contemporary styles

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How “Phenomena Paints” was born ?

I have always loved to paint old things to get a satisfaction of creating something new from an old. That led me to enjoy painting old pieces of furniture. I tried few furniture paints, which claimed that no sanding and scraping is needed, but they were very expensive. So, I decided to try some home recipes of so called chalk style paint. It took me sometime to perfect the recipe, but when I eventually tried my home grown recipe, I realized, that not only the finish is better than any other furniture paint available for sale in the market, but is also very cost effective. That is the time when “Phenomena Paints” came into being.

We are proud to say that our paint is 100% environmental friendly. Very easy to apply, lasts longer and safe for anyone to use. Our hope is for everyone to enjoy the therapeutic painting process, without having to buy expensive chalk style paints.

A family-owned and operated company right here in Canada.

Proudly Canadian !