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Preserving History, Saving Our World and Falling in Love with Past, All Over Again

A Voice behind Our Brand

“I was always a person who wanted to make plain, and simple objects into whimsical art pieces. I felt so satisfied when I could fix a broken box and make it into a hanging bird feeder, or make a sturdy bed from wooden blocks. My heart felt light when I could step back and take a look at my beautiful creations. Although, I never got the chance to go further with my dreams until now, I always kept it as my hobby. Creating small things genuinely gave me happiness. Few years ago, as my kids grow up a bit, I started working on projects that involve the recycling of old furniture to make them into new art pieces. It is my way of Saving the World, because it allows older furniture to be reused or repurposed. I have always preferred buying older pieces, because they are sturdy, strong and carry a history. Honestly, people don’t make furniture the same they did 100 years ago. The craftsmanship they carry, the love and art they have, is nearly extinct these days. The material was solid wood, rather then substitute materials used today. The carvings were done with love and care. Nothing can replace that; Just nothing:)

Refinishing, re-purpose or rescuing old furniture is a modern day recycling of our heritage, and in turn saving the world. Just imagine how much less clutter there will be if we all start using recycled furniture. 

How about showing some love to the refinished and repurposed furniture. Buy them, and give them a new home. Let’s start with a PROMISE that we will keep at least one refinished old piece of furniture in our homes.

Let’s Start Saving our Home!”

A daunting thought.

Lets support her and support all the furniture artists, who are working hard to bring you artistic pieces.

To make things easier for all the furniture artists, we bring them 2 most important supplies;

Phenomena Paints – An Decorative Furniture Paint, which goes on easy and stay on for long.

NLD Stencils – Stencils which can cover any size of area with a smart stenciling. We call it smart stenciling, because you can cover as big of an area, as you want, with least hassle.

Want To Know What Else We Do?

We Also Offer..

Complete interior design & décor and home furnishing services via our sister company NLD Furnishings

The practice of interior design is often confused with interior decorating.

An interior designer is frequently involved with a design project from the beginning. Good ones listen well. It is the designer’s job to help create a safe, functional interior space. They match an understanding of how each room will be used to the owner’s preferences, aesthetic and budget.

An interior decorator is largely focused on color, furnishings, drapery and room décor. They typically work with their clients to update, beautify or stylize an existing living space. Both designers and decorators offer style, design, and aesthetics.

Someone Once Said ;

“An empty room is a story waiting to happen, and you are the author”

We will help you write your story with our expertise in designing, decorating and furnishing. We will help you enhance your personal surroundings in a way that will create an undeniably delightful mood and quality of life.

Luxury Happens;

  • When your home is truly a place to escape from everyday pressures.
  • When your belongings match your sense of identity.
  • When your furniture resonates with who you are.
  • When you own only that which you truly connect with.

NLD Home furnishing knows that luxury furniture means high craftsmanship, quality materials, revered construction and fabrication, and design-integrity.

AND We solve problems

Luxury should be easy, enjoyable and affordable.

NLD Furnishing experts are knowledgeable and experienced in resolving any design dilemmas, which has been keeping you awake through the nights. Or maybe you just need someone to give you some positive feedback about your life’s most precious asset, Your Home.

The firm has developed a  process that begins early at initial discussions and keeps you informed through to the completed design developed and implemented. We undertake projects of all sizes and complexity—comprehensive interior design and interior decor; simple updates or consulting on color schemes for your home or business. We do it all and everything in between. One-stop is a luxury in itself.