Stencils can be painted on top of each other to create detailed, multicolored images. Usually there is a layer for each color, in a stencil. NLD Stencils can provide custom Multi-layer Stencils, or you can choose, from our selection of multi layer stencils.


Stencils can be linked to create a bigger images. Usually the wall stencils which are bigger than 30 x 30 inches are very expensive, and also very difficult to handle. Because of their size, more than one person is required to position them correctly. Using Split Stencils this problem can be  eliminated easily.  NLD Stencils provide split stencils of any size with a guide mark so that they can be arranged easily. We offer custom split stencils, or  you can choose from our selection of stencils.


Looking for custom stencil design for your DIY project, we use a precise cutting process to create stencils from anything you submit. Answer a few questions about your stencil and upload the file and let our stencil designers get to work.